Donnerstag, 1. Juli 2010

Comadre/Glasses - Split [2x7"] (2010)

Finally, after my trips to CMAR (Versmold/Peckeloh) and Bremen (to see Punch and Comadre) I found some time, to bring you a new record. And speaking of Comadre, here is their newest outfit. A double 7" split with Germany's "Glasses". In my opinion this is nearlly as good as the tracks from their split with Trainwreck. Enjoy and buy it! The Tour Edition is sooo hot.

01 The Sweeter The Juice - Comadre
02 Byrne'in Down The Haus - Comadre
03 Count Basie Box Set - Comadre
04 "Living Differently?!" - Comadre
05 Tigers - Glasses
06 So Right - Glasses
07 Lydia - Glasses


Year: 2010
Bitrate: 241 kBit/s (VBR)
Genre: Hardcore/Screamo
Country: USA/Germany

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