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Uzi Suicide - Moshin'n'Trashin [CD] (2009)

Uzi Suicide was a fast, thrashy powerviolence outfit from Santa Cruz, California. Their songs reflect the band’s main interests: satan, veganism, shoplifting, graffiti and vegan thrash punx.

01 humanity stripped away like nathan jones
02 i dont see fit
03 birdseed i sreal
04 oh oh yeah yeah were a jam band
05 lampshade head
06 nathan jones strips while drinking a six pack
07 krokops kigh kick
08 rumble young man rumble
09 jeffrey dahmer vs clamtrons black shit storm
10 your fancy gear is fake rappers bling
11 the jackhammer on bone pt1
12 peter young
13 i wont mosh in your dojo
14 cross contamination
15 your diet your conscious
16 vegan thrash punx
17 vegan thrash punx part deux
18 void boycott and recycle
19 glen danzig homo awesome
20 sicky two guns gay satanic henry rollins
21 gulf coast ultimate taint fighting
22 babbons bafoons and killer racoons
23 shreddy krueger ebaby massacre 2000
24 weapons of mass destruction
25 watch your mouth
26 my very own spazz song
27 r me 390
28 ciggy smokin girl
29 positively productive
30 keep you mouth shut
31 i tried
32 sick visions
33 mosh part two
34 spock
35 train crush junkie
36 watch your fucking mouth
37 brutal to the max
38 i tried
39 sick visions
40 the ripperhappy happy
41 my very own spazz song
42 train crush junkie
43 unholy thrash brigade
44 oil war
45 rape
46 rbgh
47 blast beat fun house
48 buildingup endurance in the circle pit
49 my teacher taught me the wrong fuckin alphabet
50 uzi suicide and the temple of puke
51 san luis obispo is a shoplifters dream
52 weird
53 we steal everything
54 homophobic hero
55 grambo vs clamtron 2020
56 born to fucking consume


Year: 2009
Bitrate: 164 kBit/s (VBR)
Genre: Powerviolence
Country: USA

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