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The Spirit Of Versailles – Discography [2xCD] (2003)

The discography CD from this highly influencial Sioux Falls screamy hardcore band. Included on this double CD set is their "In Line For Halos" 7", their sides of their split 7"s with Saqqara, Rise From Ruin, and Caligari, the "Confluence Of All The Senses" CD, their final 8-song tour CD-R, their song from the "Songs Of The Dead 2" compilation CD, plus four live songs (three of which are unreleased) and another unreleased studio track! Plus a 16-page booklet with lyrics for all of the songs.

01. The Object Of Your Desire
02. Recite This Dialogue
03. Drive Home, Let It Ring
04. A Form Of Closure
05. How To Go To Sleep
06. Everything Else Comes Second
07. Because There Aren't Enough Hours In The Day
08. Pranks For The Memories
09. There Goes Rhymin' Simon
10. Unreleased Untitled
11. One
12. Two
13. Exorcism At Moon River
14. Headlines
15. Untitled
16. A Day To End All Days
17. The Followers
18. Better Left Unsaid
19. The Line Between Us
20. Yellow Stained Walls
21. Another Day
22. A Borrowed Light
23. Reverse
24. Today & Tomorrow
25. Wasted Time
26. Shooting A Torpedo
27. Don't Mess With The Dippity Doo
28. Who The Fuck Is Steve Buttcabbage
29. There Goes Rhymin' Simon (live)

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

Year: 2003
Bitrate: 223 kBit/s (VBR)
Genre: Screamo
Country: USA

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