Montag, 14. Februar 2011

The Greek Favourites/Glocca Morra - Split (2010)

Nice Split between these two Indiemo Bands. I like the "Greek Favourites" songs more, 'cause they kinda sound like "Algernon Cadwallader" having a screamoing baby. But the Glocca Morra songs are very enjoyable as well!
Thanks to David for the link.

01. Wax Wings (The Greek Favourites)
02. Cold Soft Metal (The Greek Favourites)
03. One Knot (The Greek Favourites)
04. Bedford Avenue (Glocca Morra)
05. New Years Eve (Glocca Morra)
06. Weekend at Glen Bernies III (Glocca Morra)


Year: 2010
Bitrate: 320 kBit/s
Genre: Indiemo
Country: USA

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