Montag, 2. August 2010

Fuck, Wolves!/Chaos Is... - Split [12"] (2010)

Nice split LP with germanys finest Fuck, Wolves! and the Chaos Ii... from France - this split LP is featuring five songs of each band.

01 Fuck, Wolves!-Control Lives
02 Fuck, Wolves!-Betonbunker
03 Fuck, Wolves!-22101987
04 Fuck, Wolves!-34 Zeilen
05 Fuck, Wolves!-Zerstoerungsmaschine
06 Chaos Is...-Ce que souffrir veut dire
07 Chaos Is...-1000 tonnes de beton armé
08 Chaos Is...-Ma faiblesse
09 Chaos Is...-Croire à tous les lendemains
10 Chaos Is...-When You Wake Up


Year: 2010
Bitrate: 208 KBit/s
Genre: Screamo
Country: Germany/France

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