Montag, 2. August 2010

Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking/Mio - Split [12"] (2010)

Both Bands contribute two songs to this wonderful split. Captain, your ship is sinking continue, where they stopped on their debut LP. Two long songs with great combination of slowly, atmospheric parts followed by harder fast played parts, always with very catchy melodies. The Vocals swith between spoken and harsh screamed parts. On the split side Mio contribute their best two songs so far. Different to their earlier releases these songs are much longer. This Duo (only guitar and drums) play some kind of 90s style.

01 Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking-Godspeed to You, Pola Negri
02 Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking-Son, You Sure You Know What Yo
03 Mio-Traumwelt
04 Mio-Ungenuegend


Year: 2010
Bitrate: 192 KBit/s
Genre: Epic Screamo / Emo
Country: Germany / Netherlands

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